We play with purpose

That's because design, for us, is something we can all use to make a better world. Our aim is squarely set on that target. We create experiences that delight and make a difference.

Virtual Reality

  • The future drones in virtual reality @ Microsoft

    In a partnership with the Museum of Future Sports and the Arial Sports League, we are developing the next generation of room scale experiences for HTC Vive. This experience will take drone piloting, sports and games to the next level!

  • Hastroids: An asteroid mining experience

    for HTC Vive & Oculus Rift

    Imagine working from home, digging into asteroid fragments using a remote control and getting paid! We designed and produced the 3D spatial audio, developed the web back-end and other game elements for this wild ride in VR. Watch the preview of the future workforce...

  • Senso: Mindful meditation, focus & mindfulness

    by Oasis for Oculus GO

    We just completed an experience for Oculus Go called Senso. It's an experience that teaches you how to meditate, improve focus and be mindful of your surroundings. We accomplished this by using the elements of demonstration, interaction and play, set in traditional Japanese surroundings. The world is indeed a fantasy and takes you somewhere else, while your actions and the reactions feel very real...

Augmented Reality

  • Delightful coffee break

    We're working with Martha of Martha &. Bros. coffee, a family-owned franchise in San Francisco. They're our favorite in flavor, atmosphere and of course, neighborhood friends. Our AR app, available for Android soon, adds some delight and a little gift for.. dancing on the table ;)

  • Project Bus Stop

    Middle and high school kids ride public transportation every day with us. We probably don't have a conversation about our jobs with students very often; Yet, sharing that information is tantamount to success to those same students in the future. We're using AR to put insight into our workforce into the back pockets of our aspiring youth.

AWE 2018

We had a great time at the Augmented World Expo this year and saw many innovative and inventive things on the floor. Here are a few metrics we collected and a thought about the business opportunity.

  • 242 Exhibitors
  • 4,000+ Attendees
  • 1:16 Exhibitors-to-Attendees
  • 400+ Speakers
  • 1,000+ YouTube Talks

If we suppose that the AWE audience is growing at an exponential rate over time since inception 9 years ago, then it's going through a growth explosion right now. Take-away: "Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!"