We play with purpose

We're about sharing experiences that help creatives overcome challenges in augmented, virtual and webXR development. Here you'll find content that artists, designers and developers need to collaborate successfully.

What brings you here today?

In virtual realities

  • The Sandboxy Toolkit for Unity

    We are developing tools for creatives, empowering them to make experiences with ease.

  • Senso: Oasis of Mindfulness

    Our Launchpad app for Oculus Go that sharpens focus and awareness, using fundamentals of play and hints of meditative techniques.

  • Hastroids

    We designed a deep space mission in VR: Wield your laser drill in the mines of the future!


With 6° of freedom

  • Go? Go.. Go!

    Coming soon: Lessons learning from recent adventures in developing for the Oculus Go

  • Designing for 6°

    Coming soon: Part 1 in our series on designing experiences for six degrees of freedom